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_ How is a Professional Dominatrix any different than a paid sex worker?  Apart from, obviously, the fact that most of us do not engage in actual sexual contact... If you pay me for my time, how am I Dominant in that situation?

Well, sit down there and let me tell you.  I know, it may be difficult for your sweaty brain to wrap itself around this idea, but focus now. It helps if you think of the old phrase "money is power". Money is pure power; it is nothing without the belief that it represents power - just some cheap metals, papers, and fancy printing techniques. Money is an agreement, an exchange. This is where my fascination with financial and professional domination comes from. My clients give me their power, literally, hand it right over to me. Practically, it means nothing to me - the money I earn from my own business is my personal power source in this fashion. The money I earn in my 'day job' is what feeds, clothes and houses me, and I would never willingly give that up to anyone.  But this is exactly what I expect from you, the client.

For me, receiving tribute means just that - a gift you give to me, representative of my worth in your esteem. That you earn your money, your personal power, and beg to hand it over to me, just to ensure you can be in my presence - that is power exchange. It is, of course, pivotal to the relationship I have with you, but the time I spend is not paid for.  I am not providing a service - I am being served and part of that service to me is the power exchange of hard earned cash, and thoughtful gifts.

Of course there are those who see it differently, those who will scoff at just another money grubbing wannabe dom fake. There are many, many of those women, and it is sad that so many genuine boys have their trust and desire for this form of Domination and power exchange broken down.

But the words those other women use are based on the primary ideas of Femdom and financial domination which I have outlined above. Some of us are real, and we certainly do not come cheap. 

8/24/2012 02:13:57 am

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